Tectrans "Red Carpet Customer Service" Campaign

Client: Tectrans, Inc.

Project: Founder Brian Sullivan managed the entire promotional campaign as Tectrans' CMO, purchased trade media, developed the creative direction, and oversaw the efforts of staff.  All work efforts were completed on a tight budget using in-house talents.

Dates: June through October 2011

Description: Tectrans knew that it needed to make a big splash at the 2011 APTA EXPO in New Orleans in order to compete for trade show attendee attention.  Their competitors had much larger budgets and booth spaces.  The result was the "Red Carpet Customer Care" campaign which included a 3D photography activity at the Tectrans booth which was themed for old Hollywood, complete with movie star cut-outs, props, costumes and backdrops for the photo-taking.  Guests would “walk the red carpet,” select their props and costumes and have a 3D photograph taken which was printed on the spot and placed in a commemorative frame along with a pair of 3D glasses for viewing the image in three dimensions.

Results: Traffic at the Tectrans booth was heavier than anticipated, often times resulting in a line of individuals to have photos taken.  Brian’s Tectrans marketing team was recognized by APTA with AdWheelFirst-Place and Grand Awards for Marketing Excellence in Promotional Campaigns.